We strongly believe that a wildly ambitious, brilliant young person with an incredibly innovative but risky, possible crazy, idea with tremendous scalability and transformative potential, and with the personality and drive to push it through, should be given a chance:  the opportunity to interact in a community of similarly exceptional peers, receive coaching and close mentoring by exceptionally successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, access power networks where vital connections happen, link to an ecosystem of modularized low-cost business services, and seek venture capital financing willing to take a bet on those ideas.   While a good base, our current entrepreneurship support programs in Ethiopia cater to the safe average, not the exceptional outlier.

We take a different approach.  We seek exceptional.  We believe in crazy ideas, ideas that could just possibly change the world, and we are willing to take the risk to discover, incubate, and invest in these ideas.  blueMoon aims to find the “sweet spot” between youth entrepreneurship, innovative ideas, and agribusiness in Ethiopia.   Our approach is to seek and find exceptional talent, the rare, “once in a blue moon” ideas that present exceptional promise for scalable and transformational agri-business in Ethiopia.

Our approach is to be about the spaces in between the things we know, about the things we don’t know that we don’t know, about the connections we have not yet seen, about the synergies that we have not yet discovered, and the things wildly beyond our imagination.

We don’t sacrifice rigor for dreams, or substitute hard work for crazy ideas.  We believe in exceptional ideas, but also in exceptional determination, discipline, attention to the small details, leadership, integrity, and the ability to execute well.

Dream with us.