We believe in joining hands to accomplish big things.  Our partners are those who understand our dreams and share our passion for a new Ethiopia where youth will hope, will work and fight hard for their dreams, and will lead Ethiopia into the future.

For outreach to youth all over Ethiopia, we are working closely with our Pipeline Partners: non-governmental organizations with projects on the ground, such as Save the Children’s Youth in Action and Building the Potential of Youth projects, government enterprise development agencies with far-reaching local presence, such as FEMSEDA, TVETs (technical and vocational educational training centers), agricultural and business and IT faculties in universities across the country, and with agribusiness and agricultural value chain projects, such as SNV and ENTAG.

For delivery of skills training for our startups, we work closely with our Program Delivery Partners such as the Entrepreneurship Development Centre, R&D Group, iceAddis, xHub Addis, DOT Ethiopia, and UNIDO.

For a 12-month intensive one-on-one mentoring support program, we are partnering with the Mowgli Foundation in the UK and Nairobi.

We also rely on the global experience and advice of our Global Partners, peer incubators, accelerators, and venture capital investors with whom we are interested in sharing knowledge and even feeding them our pipeline:  GrowthAfrica (an accelerator based in Nairobi), Avishkaar-Intellecap (a rural enterprise fund based in Mumbai and Nairobi) and Novastar Ventures (a venture capital firm based in Nairobi and Addis Ababa).

The rest is up to us.