We are committed to the pursuit of excellence and believe in exceptionality.  While all lives are equally valuable, not all ideas are equal.   We believe that some ideas can open opportunities that go far beyond a single individual, a single organization, or even a single country.

We think great ideas and innovations come from recognizing a problem and thinking hard about how to solve it.  Because problems are everywhere, we know good ideas are everywhere.   No one society has a monopoly on good ideas and smart entrepreneurs.  But good ideas need fertile ground to take root, thrive, and grow.  Our job is to be that fertile ground.

We believe humility matters.  We seek entrepreneurs that understand that the best ideas serve others, respect others, and aim to change their lives for the better.  We seek entrepreneurs that understand that the best companies also serve and respect their employees and partners.  We believe love and respect are at the core of doing great business.

As excited as we get about exceptional ideas and exceptional entrepreneurs, we believe that execution is even more important.  We believe that companies that change the world are those led by exceptionally determined, disciplined, and purposeful leaders that work exceptionally well within teams.  Our job is to inspire and nurture those leaders.