Addis Garage is a unique curated co-working community, the first of its kind in Ethiopia.  Addis Garage houses blueMoon Incubator as well as startups outside of the incubator program.   It is open to any startup or eco-system player, in any sector, and from any nationality.  We “curate” our co-working space by requiring a community application that determines the fit of each startup within our community.  We require that all users of our space agree to contribute to the community by giving talks, attending events, and mentoring our blueMoon startups.

The Addis Garage startup community is 3-tiered:  blueMoon startups, startups in open space desks, and more mature startups or others in designated offices.  We embrace the diversity of our startup community, across stages of startup and across sectors.  We believe that great things can happen when smart people work in the same space leading to new learning and potential synergies.

Addis Garage is located in Bole Medhianalem, near Edna Mall, in the vibrant commercial area that some describe as the Times Square of Addis Ababa.   Addis Garage is designed to be a playful, irreverent, creative, multi-purpose space.  We combine quiet spaces and social spaces, work spaces and event spaces, a café, lounge areas, a formal Board Room, informal meeting areas, hi-speed wifi, and a kitchen with good coffee, fruits, and fresh juices.  We believe that good space enables good work and embrace the idea that living+working is possible.

We avail co-working space on a flexible basis: daily, weekly, and monthly.  In addition, we have a Board Room that can be rented for half day or full day, and Addis Garage can also host events for up to 35, 60, 80, or 150 people.   Events, including outside catering, can be hosted in the evenings and weekends, as well as during the day, depending on the nature of the event.

Addis Garage provides:

  • high-speed wifi
  • café and lounge spaces
  • water, tea, and really good specialty Ethiopian coffee (!)
  • receptionist services such as visitor handling, message service, and other
  • printing, fax, and scanning services
  • occasional morning and afternoon break snacks
  • daily traditional bunna ceremony
  • daily Lunchbox talks
  • Friday evening social get-togethers, Ye Arb Chewata
  • networking and learning events, company launches, and pitch competitions