The blueMoon application process is intended to identify exceptional startups from a wide pool of youth entrepreneurs.  Our target acceptance rate is very aggressive:  below 1%.

All applications must be filled online.  Once the application period is closed, our selection process involves four rounds:

  • Round 1: Screening for basic eligibility criteria
  • Round 2: Evaluation of Quality of Content, Quality of Team, and Quality of Founders
  • Round 3: Phone interview
  • Round 4: Game Day (1 day evaluation of all the prospective teams in an outdoors setting)

Offers to join our blueMoon Incubator will be given immediately at the end of Game Day.  We give startups one week to confirm their acceptance and to sign a blueMoon Undertaking and an additional week to complete their arrangements and be ready to begin the program.   As soon as we reach out to a candidate for a phone interview at the 3rd round, we expect them to start preparations for the possibility of being accepted into our program, in about a month’s time from the phone interview.