Beyond meeting the basic eligibility criteria, blueMoon startups will be selected according to our evaluation of the following:

  • Quality of Concept

What problem does this idea solve?  Who is affected by this problem?

Is this a big problem to a lot of people?

How feasible is this idea? What will it take?

Is this a new idea or an adaptation of something tried elsewhere?

How innovative is this idea?  Are there others doing something similar locally?

How scalable is this concept?

If implemented, would this idea have game-changing impact? On who?

How potentially profitable could this idea be?

Do we like this idea?

  • Quality of Team

How long has the founder team worked together and/or known each other?

Do they work well together as a team?

Have they produced anything together in the past?

How do they respond to outside stress as a team?

What is their team EQ (emotional intelligence)?

  • Quality of Founders (individually)

What is their educational record?

Do they have any non-academic achievements?

What makes them exceptional people?

Are they truly “hungry” (ambitious, hardworking, resourceful)?

Are they humble in character (showing integrity, loyalty, respectful)?

Are they people smart (emotionally intelligent, mature, engaged)?