Beyond the Lions, blueMoon Ventures maintains a list of domestic angel investors, composed of leading business community members, high net worth individuals, or others who are committed and excited by the idea of investing in youth agribusiness startups.   Whether or not the startups receive Lions Den investment, blueMoon Angels provides another option for financing at a later stage after they have completed the blueMoon incubation program.  blueMoon Ventures works closely with the startups to identify when they will require equity capital injection and to organize individual pitches to blueMoon Angels that are on the blueMoon Angel list on a one-on-one basis rather than the Lions Den format.

blueMoon Angels provides an alternative source of capital financing for blueMoon startups and access to blueMoon Angels can be at any time during the lifecycle of a blueMoon startup, as it works closely with blueMoon Ventures, including even beyond the mentoring period that continues for eight months after the incubation.